How to choose best smartphone for you?

Which phone is best and latest budget phone, how to choose smartphone

Here we are going to recommend some logic or financial aspects to by a phone because we have seen so many times user buy phone with out thinking, without any budget plan and after sometimes they feel that they have choose wrong phone, so be smart when you buy your smart-phone.

Here are some of the points to buy your smart-phone based on that you can buy your new phone.

1) You are a student: If you are a student, you have good finance condition and you want to use phone for learning purpose as well, then it's better to go with some good phones like One plus or iPhone.

If you are from middle class family and you don't have to much of money to spend, then just go with some good phones like Samsung or Nokia.

2) You like to take photographs: If you like to take photographs then it's better to use camera, but you just want to use mobile phones only then you can go with iPhone, Nokia(with Zeus camera), Samsung.

Even now a days there are other companies as well who provides good hardware and software for camera, so you can go with that as well based on your choice and your experience.

3) You are a businessman: If you are a businessman than based on your status you have to go with some good quality phones.

Businessman can go with iPhone, Nokia or Samsung mobile phones, in which they will provide you good features good hardware, long lasting battery as well and also you won't loss your data as some of the companies provide backup options.

4) You are a normal user: If you are normal user and like to buy a phone for music, video etc then it's good to buy some quality phone but not to costly. You can go with Samsung and Asus phones.

5) You are gamer: If you are lover of playing some heavy games in mobile phones then it's good to go with Oneplus, iPhone or Asus, because this companies are providing that kind of processor and hardware features which will enhance your gaming experience.

So basically here we have mentioned some of the good companies mobile only because they provide good hardware then other companies, and also we have seen that now a days everyone is changing their phone is 2-3 year, so based on that and based on your budget perspective we have to think and buy our smartphone.



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