The Two Wise Goats - Bedtime Moral Story

A river flowed between a small village. The river was always full of water. There was a small narrow bridge connecting the two banks of the river.

One day a goat was coming on this bridge from one side of the bridge. At the same time another goat was coming from the other side of the bridge.

The two goats gathered between the bridges. The two had to go from one another to the opposite bank. The goats fell into thought. Couldn't go back. It was not possible to get out even by passing next to each other. The goats were sensible. Don't panic. Nor did he fight. A goat sat down. The other goat overtook him. How sensible these goats were!

two wise goats
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A short time later, two dogs from both sides of the bridge came together on the bridge. The two began to fight to reach the opposite shore first. Not a single dog was ready to move back, the two started biting each other. They did not pay attention and both went down into the deep water of the river.

The two dogs were good at swimming so they managed to save their lives and came ashore but both were very annoyed by their misunderstanding and quarrelsome nature.

If we work together in harmony and understanding, we will be able to get out of trouble like a wise goat.


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