The Tiger came the Tiger came

A few shepherds live in a village. Raising sheep and goats is their livelihood. The shepherds were all discreet and lot of harmony between them. If one gets in trouble, everyone else stands by and helps. All live in cooperation with each other.

shepherds with sheep and goats
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Once a calamity befell this shepherd. A tiger from a distant forest came to the seam of this village. In the seam, he could easily find the prey of the shepherd's sheep and goats (every day he comes). The shepherds got into trouble. Every day they lost two-four sheep and goats and sometimes a tiger would attack shepherds.

But the shepherds were not cowards. They decided to confront the tiger exactly. One of the shepherds says that if any of us sees a tiger coming from a distance, he should shout, "The tiger came ... the tiger came". Hearing this scream, everyone has to come with a stick and together they have to hit the tiger and ran away. From that day onwards, with the help of each other, the tiger crisis was lessened on all the shepherds.

sheep and tiger
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One of the shepherd's boys was a man of wit, wit, and wit. He started laughing when he saw people shouting and running around. He often thought that I should run all the wrong things and watch the joke. One day he really got a twisted intellect. Even though there was no tiger, he shouted, "The tiger has come ... the tiger has come". Hearing this, all the shepherds came running with sticks, but they don't see a tiger. The boy says, look, I have made you fool. He did this not once but three to four times, so the shepherds realized that this was not the way to trust the boy.

A few days later it happened that the boy was alone in the seam and while grazing his sheep and goats he actually saw a tiger coming from a distance. The boy was very scared when he saw the tiger and started screaming "The tiger has come ... the tiger has come". The shepherds heard this, but they realized that the boy was in the habit of shouting. There is no need for us to run for help and be ridiculed. Thinking so, no one went to help the boy.

The tiger not only hunted two-four of his sheep and goats but also attacked the boy and broke his leg. The boy could do nothing in front of the ferocious tiger and sat crying.

Thus, the erratic boy had to spend the rest of his life crippled due to his own mistake.


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