A Moral Story : The Lion and The Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a lion who lived in a forest. There were summer days with high temperature. The lion was exhausted from the heat. He was sleeping in the shade of a tree. One of the naughty mouse came up there. Seeing the lion asleep, he started running on his body.

The mouse was holding Lion hair and hanging on it. And then mouse tail stuffed into the lion's nose. So the lion's sleep was blown away. Lion shouted, "Shit!" Curry sneezed and saw a mouse running away. Lion pressed the mouse's tail with his paw.

mice and lion
Image source: youtube.com

The mouse was very scared. He begged the lion to let him go and said you are the king of the forest. Forgive me for one of my crimes and leave me. I'll help you whenever you need!

The lion laughed and spoke - What can you do to help me you are a small creature?

The mouse begged again with a pair of hands - give me life once. I will remember your gratitude for rest of my life. There were tears in the mouse's eyes as he spoke. Seeing the little mouse crying, the lion took pity on him. He let the mouse go.

A few days later, hunters broke into the forest to catch the lion. They set a trap to catch the lion. Then cover the net with dry leaves. The lion went for a walk from there. But lion fell into the trap set by the hunters. The hunters tied lion in a net and hung it from a tree branch. Then they went to get a big cage to take that lion. The lion has tried to jumped out of the trap but nothing came of it! Exhausted lion began to roar.

The little mouse heard the roar of the lion. He recognized the lion's voice. Immediately he ran to the lion. When he came, he saw that the lion was tied in a net on a tree.

mouse cut the net to save lion
Image source: youtube.com

The mouse told - the lion to be patient. Before the hunters come to take you, I will cut the net and release you from net! Saying this, the mouse climbed on the tree. He started cutting the net with her sharp teeth. Cut… Cut… Cut….

Cutting the net the lion fell to the ground. He spoke with a sigh of relief - friend, thank you very much. I didn't care about you because of my stupidity, but now I regret it.

Listening to the lion, the mouse was satisfied that even though he was small and young, he was able to repay the favor to the lion.


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