The Monkey and The Crocodile

There was a big Jamun tree on the bank of a river. Every day a monkey would come to the tree to eat the sweet jamuns. A large crocodile lived in the deep water of the river. They talked to each other and after sometimes Monkey and crocodile became friends. Every day the monkey give some jamuns to the crocodile.

The crocodile took few jamuns for his wife. The crocodile's wife loved the sweet jamun. She tells while eating the jamun - how sweet would be the heart of a monkey who eats such a sweet jamun every day! If you bring it, I want to eat its heart!

monkey eat jambu
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Crocodile says - he is my brother now. Why do I betray my brother?

The crocodile insisted - if you don't take care I will give my life. Inevitably the crocodile agreed to bring the monkey for his wife. The next day the crocodile came down the jamun tree. After eating the sweet jamun given by the monkey, the crocodile spoke - my wife invites you for dinner. Sit on my back and be my guest.

Wow! if you have so much love for me, why not! Saying this, the monkey jumped up and sat on the crocodile's back.

monkey and crocodile
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The crocodile began to slide forward in the water. Halfway through, crocodile told monkey his real intention of killing him for his heart.

Hearing the crocodile's talk, the monkey's senses flew. After recovering for a while, he found a way to escape from the crocodile. The monkey says - crocodile! You are right too! You already told me this! I have put my heart on the tree. Let's go back and take heart!

The crocodile believed the monkey's words to be true and turned back towards the jamun tree. As soon as they got close to the tree, the monkey jumped off crocodile's back. Then say - stupid crocodile! Would it be a heart to put on a tree? You are a deceiver! Ready to betray a brother? Go, never come to me to eat jamun.


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