The Fox and The Crow - Bedtime Moral Story

There was a crow. By noon he was hungry. He was always on the lookout for food. So he turned his attention to a shepherd who was tending sheep and goats. The shepherd was sitting under a tree, plowing his field. The crow went to him and began to cry. The shepherd took pity on him and threw a piece of bread at him.

crow sitting on tree with piece of bread
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The crow was quick to take it in beak. Going far away, he sat on a high branch of a tree and started to eating bread.

A rascal fox saw a piece of bread in the crow's mouth. He got closer to crow and said, "please, understand a little. This is the time to sing a song, not to eat. And your voice is so sweet!

The fox said I really want to hear your melody voice. I urge you to fulfill my wish! The crow became more bloated when he heard his praise. He opened his mouth to sing as soon as a piece of bread fell down from his mouth.

fox and crow
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THe fox took the piece of bread into his mouth as soon as it fell down and ran away. Nothing stood up to listen to crow's melodious song. Then crow realized that he had been cheated.


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